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Written by Linda Robinson   

The following page outlines the guidlines and rules for using the 5th Billericay Scout Group hall and car park. In general the overiding principle should be 'leave the hall, equipment and surrounding area in a condition with which you would wish to find it'. To that end the following guidlines should be observed when using the hall:

  1. Close all doors (internal and external) when leaving the building
  2. Ensure all lights are off and all taps, in the toilets and the kitchen, are not flowing
  3. Ensure car park users park considerately
  4. Any usage of the hall outside of regular section sessions should be agreed with the Group GSL
  5. All rubbish is taken away at the end of the session, including recycling
  6. Nothing is left in the hall, i.e. all chairs and tables are put away
  7. The white board is wiped clean
  8. Chairs and tables are stored neatly in the cupboard
  9. All cups, etc are put away and tea towels hung up to dry
  10. Any mess on the floor or equipment, e.g. tables, is cleaned up
  11. All camping equipment, etc is put away in the store. It is NOT just left in the hall lobby
  12. Any breakages or problems with the hall should be reported to the Group GSL as soon as possible. 

If you need clarity regarding these rules, or have any suggestions for new rules please contact the Group GSL.

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