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Welcome to the Quartermasters Store. This is where all of the group equipment is stored. This section will tell you how to book equipment for your sections activities and the policies by which equipment is loaned.

Booking Equipment

To book equipment contact Ian Mitchell. Bookings should be made in advance to ensure we have the equipment you need when you need it.

Usage policies

The following polices apply when borrowing equipment:

  • All equipment is returned cleaned and dried
  • Axes and saws will only be lent to leaders or persons over the age of 18.
  • Replacement of any lost parts (e.g. tent pegs) or broken parts (eg tent poles) will be charged to the section
  • Sections can choose to replace/mend lost/damaged equipment themselves
  • No further equipment will be loaned until all issues are resolved
  • An honesty policy will operate regarding loss/damage, however if someone borrows the equipment and reports pieces missing, no more equipment will not be loaned to the offending section until all issues are resolved.
  • A mutually convenient time will be arranged for pick up and drop off, of equipment.
  • Returned equipment CANNOT be left in the lobby. It is the responsibility of the borrowing section until it is returned to the stores.

The above policies ensure that all sections enjoy a stress free camping and activity service, without the worry of whether equipment is broken or missing.

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