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Written by Ian Mitchell   

Moving In Moving On (MIMO)

This page outlines the process for MIMO within 5th Billericay. Currently this is only in operation when transitioning between the Cubs and Scouts or the Scouts and Explorers.

The purpose of creating this process is to ensure:

  1. Consistence for the children as they transition between sections,
  2. Clarity of the process for both section leaders and parents,
  3. Expectations are set regarding what the new section is like, etc.

All of this is intended to ensure the maximum number of successful transitions, whilst making the transition as easy as possible for the Scout.

The MIMO process runs for the second half of the Winter (Sept -Dec) and Spring (Jan April) terms. No transitions happen within the Summer (April - July) term because this means that those transitioning may miss out on the opportunity to go to summer camp. The MIMO process is as follows:

  1. Prior to half term the Cub leader notifies the Scout leader of the children who are moving up and thier parents contact details - specifically their email address.
  2. The Scout leader contacts the parents with a welcome pack, outlining dates, times and locations of meetings, plus information on uniforms, etc.
  3. The young person then attends both sections for the remainder of that half term (i.e. both Cubs and Scouts).
    1. If the cub asks to attend just Scouts, perhaps due to school pressures, then they can move up early and the only difference is they stop attending Cubs
  4. When starting in Scouts they will make their own new woggle, which they wear to cubs to show that they have started to move on.
  5. Towards the end of the term, the 'Scub' (Scout / Cub) must buy their Scout uniform and can start to wear that to Cubs as well, letting everyone know that they are about to move on.
  6. During this overlap period the Cub leaders check that the child is attending Scouts, etc and if not why not. Is it a timing problem, or a not getting on problem.
  7. At the begining of the next term the new member is invested into Scouts.

The above process uses Cubs and Scouts as an example for clarity, but can equally apply to Beavers moving to Scouts or Scouts moving to explorers.

Additionally, to support this process, the Scout leader, or one of the Assistant Scout Leaders will regularly visit the Cubs, so that the cubs are familiar with at least one of the leaders and more joint events will be scheduled.

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