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At 5th Billericay we actively promote the development of Young Leaders.

Six months after a Scout has moved on to Explorers they are allowed to come back and be a Young Leader for any of the sections. Typically, but not always, starting at one of the Cub sections and moving on to the Scouts when they are ready.

The young leaders are involved not only in running the nights by organising games, etc but in the development of the programme as well.

A Young Leader as part of the Scout Organisation runs games, activities and occasionally whole nights at the section they help out at. Their role includes helping Scouts generate ideas in thinking activities, running games every week and researching, planning and running whole nights at the end of term. Whole nights have included ‘Friends Like These’ and ‘Family Fortunes’ and requires some personal time outside the Scout hall. Young Leaders are also someone for young people to talk to about problems and difficulties that they could find difficult to tell a leader.

To become a Young Leader, one has to undergo a weekend of training to learn skills such as running games, planning and how to deal with disabled or troublesome Scouts. On the internet and in books you can find suitable games and activities for the weekly meetings as well as spending several hours planning whole nights. Although it is a lot of hard work and sometimes frustrating, becoming a Young Leader is very enjoyable and one will always remember the skills they have learnt. Many young leaders, building on their experience will continue as a Young Leader until their early 20's, getting more involved in weekly sessions with both the planning and running aspects. Young Leaders often enjoy it so much that they decide tol become an adult Scout leader in the future to benefit even more young people.

To find out about becoming a Young Leader at Genesis Scouts, please refer to the Young Leader Code of Practice, for more information on what is expected on the the Young Leader and what support they can expect from the adult leadership team. 

Look at the Genesis Scout Troop Young Leader Roles for examples of the sorts of things a Young Leader is responsible for.

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